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Pinnacle Education is a K-12 survey provider focusing on 21st century skills, student character, family and community engagement, as well as teachers, principal teams, and school administration. Our customized reporting enables school districts to take action towards improvement goals, curriculum enhancements, teacher retention, improved climate, and parent engagement.  Contact us to learn more about how it works.

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Why Pinnacle ED?

Why should you consider Pinnacle Education to survey your parents, teachers, and students?

  • Pinnacle Education delivers the most comprehensive and succinctly reported data available.
  • Pinnacle Education fills many different types of knowledge gaps in a single survey suite.
  • Pinnacle Education data can guide campus needs assessments and improvement plans.
  • Pinnacle Education data can lend insight to teacher and leader development opportunities.
  • Pinnacle Education data can help to improve teacher retention.
  • Pinnacle Education can provide insight from both student and parent perspectives about how parents engage with the school and with their students at home.
  • Pinnacle Education provides excellent service to districts of all sizes.

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Survey Products:

Pinnacle ED Services
1.  School Climate

A manifestation of what each age group truly wants in their school. What makes a school great for a high school student and an elementary student are […]

2.  21st Century Skills survey

Students need skills beyond math, science, English, and other traditional subjects. To make sure your students are Future Ready, you must send them out into the world to be successful […]

3.  Family Engagement

It has been shown numerous times how important parental engagement is to student success, but are you measuring it? We help you to measure how engaged families are in their child’s education […]

4.  Teacher Retention

Truly a teacher satisfaction and retention survey, this survey is designed to identify issues in the educator ranks of your campuses. […]

5.  Principal Leadership

As the face of a campus, a principal serves an incredibly important educational, administrative, and political function. Our principal survey items gather the perspectives […]

6.  District Performance

If we expect principals to be educational, administrative, and political figureheads, then the same can be said (and multiplied) for our district office administrators. Unfortunately the role of the superintendent and cabinet are often seen as separated from the parents and teachers. We survey both to get their perspectives […]

Case Studies / Testimonials

Measuring and Improving 21st Century Skills

Forney ISD was looking to take their curriculum to the next level with 21st Century Skills education.  The leaders at Forney ISD believe that graduating qualified students […]

Pinnacle Education provided an opportunity for our district to use data to understand specific 21st Century behaviors and characteristics of our students. This information is driving the development of curriculum, standards, and interventions to help our students become future ready.

Dr. Justin Terry

Deputy Superintendent, Forney ISD

Parent Engagement and Relationships

East Grand Preparatory, a charter school in Dallas, TX was focused on their teacher satisfaction and turnover rate as well as their ability to attract and retain students in the school. […]

Pinnacle Education identified opportunities to improve teacher satisfaction and retention and enhanced our ability to foster the parent-school relationship.

Leonard Brannon

Superintendent, Cityscape Schools, East Grand Preparatory

Creating Opportunities for Principals and Campuses to Improve and to Celebrate Successes

Holliday ISD is a great school system that is always looking to improve by listening to its parents, teachers, and students. […]

Pinnacle Education helped our campus principals identify areas to celebrate and target for improvement.

Kevin Dyes

Superintendent, Holliday ISD

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