Pinnacle Education Reporting

The following visuals are excerpts from a Pinnacle Education report.  They are just a sample how we help districts to quickly identify successes and opportunities.

The triangulated graphs bellows quickly show the perceptions of multiple stakeholders on a specific topic area, in this example we present School Climate and Teacher Performance.  Triangulated graphs quickly identify differences in thought.  Scores on the outside of the triangle are rated as higher performance and scores towards the center of the triangle are rated as being lower by a stakeholder group.  These graphs allow a campus or district to identify a key stakeholder group that might simply need more information or a group that the school can work with to address specific concerns.  Additional guiding details can be found later in the report structure.

Triangulated Perceptions

In this example, in the first graph below Parents and Students have a much more positive perception of School Climate than the Teachers.  In the second graph Parents are rating the Teachers much more highly than the Teachers and the Students rate the Teachers.

Pinnacle ED School Climate Rating
Pinnacle ED Teacher Performance Rating

Comparative Perceptions

When it makes sense to learn more from only two of the stakeholder groups a traditional bar graph fills the need.

Pinnacle ED Family Engagement Rating
Pinnacle ED District Performance Rating

National or District Comparisons

The following charts are presented in the context of School Climate, although it is found for other areas as well, such as student behavior, teacher perceptions, and parent perceptions.

The Climate Survey reporting begins with a bar chart reflecting your campus’s scores in relation to the average score of campuses of your type (i.e., Elementary, Middle, or High School).

Pinnacle ED Campus Comparsion to National Average

Performance Trending

School climate data is also trended over time as shown below.

Pinnacle ED School Climate Survey Trending Report

Strength and Opportunity Identification

The data is finally presented at a prescriptive / behavioral level as succinct strengths and opportunities, and a table is provided for each stakeholder’s perspective. Below is a table that highlights the strengths and opportunities from the student perspective.

Pinnacle ED Climate Survey Student Perception Summary

These are just samples of the analytics our reporting provides to help schools celebrate successes and improve performance.  We also focus on analyzing student behavior related to character and 21st century skills, as well as different aspects of your campus / relationships from a parent perspective and a teacher perspective. Parent Engagement and Teacher Satisfaction/Retention are critical to our framework for healthy schools and successful students.

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