Survey Products

Pinnacle Education surveys:


  • Maintain curriculum vendor neutrality
  • Are based in behavioral science and validated for content
  • Are designed to be taken by students, teachers, and parents
  • Are customized by grade ranges for comprehension and relevance, and can be taken by students in grades 3-12
  • Allow measurement of many common District and Campus Improvement Plan items that are difficult to measure.
  • Help assess issues related to teacher retention, potential bond referendum success, and more
  • Can be used by superintendents and school boards to get an overall assessment of school district health that cannot be mined from standardized test data or financials.

Pinnacle Education’s primary offerings are listed below:

School Climate – A manifestation of what each age group truly wants in their school. What makes a school great for a high school student and an elementary student are very different and we capture the key elements of school climate satisfaction at each grade range, as well as the parent and teacher perspectives of school climate.

21st Century Skills survey – Students need skills beyond math, science, English, and other traditional subjects. To make sure your students are Future Ready, you must send them out into the world to be successful at whatever career path they choose. We help to identify and measure curriculum opportunities for skills that transcend traditional subjects, such as Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Responsibility, and Perseverance. Does your community feel that your students are Future Ready?

Family Engagement – It has been shown numerous times how important parental engagement is to student success, but are you measuring it? We help you to measure how engaged families are in their child’s education and school experience. The survey assesses behaviors at school and at home, and receives “both sides of the story” by surveying parents and students. The goal is to identify the high impact opportunity at each campus by providing insight on getting parents more engaged with school activities, with the campus, with their child at school, and with their child at home, including studying for tests or doing homework together.

Teacher Retention – Truly a teacher satisfaction and retention survey, this survey is designed to identify issues in the educator ranks of your campuses. By alleviating concerns and implementing changes that improve teacher satisfaction we can reduce potential problems and increase teacher retention. Specific questions regarding retention are asked in conjunction with those focusing on the school environment and teacher’s relationships with students, parents, and the district leadership.

Principal Leadership – As the face of a campus, a principal serves an incredibly important educational, administrative, and political function. Our principal survey items gather the perspectives of the teachers, parents, and students on how they interact with the principal and bring to light the strengths and opportunities for a principal as viewed by each stakeholder group.

District Performance – If we expect principals to be educational, administrative, and political figureheads, then the same can be said (and multiplied) for our district office administrators. Unfortunately the role of the superintendent and cabinet are often seen as separated from the parents and teachers. We survey both to get their perspectives on how the district, and district officials, are performing. This feedback can help administrators to allocate their time more effectively across campuses and to identify issues brewing in the community early-on in order to more effectively respond to teacher and community concerns, as well as to identify positive feedback that can be used in district public relations campaigns.