Measuring and Improving 21st Century Skills

Forney ISD was looking to take their curriculum to the next level with 21st Century Skills education.  The leaders at Forney ISD believe that graduating qualified students goes beyond standardized test scores in reading and arithmetic.  As Forney’s community told them in multiple forum sessions, they were looking for graduates that possess skills that transcend any chosen profession.  Skills such as Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Tenacity and Perseverance, and a sense of Responsibility.  With those skills, a person could succeed at any chosen profession.  Forney ISD is up to the challenge to create curriculum that promotes these behaviors in addition to what is considered traditional academic excellence.  Pinnacle Education provides the backbone of Forney’s 21st Century Skills evaluation, and at a campus level can indicate what categories of skills could be designated as focus areas, and can even suggest specific behaviors in which the students at that campus are excelling and which could be identified as elements worthy of instructional curriculum.

Pinnacle Education provided an opportunity for our district to use data to understand specific 21st Century behaviors and characteristics of our students. This information is driving the development of curriculum, standards, and interventions to help our students become future ready.

Dr. Justin Terry, Deputy Superintendent, Forney ISD

Parent Engagement and Relationships

East Grand Preparatory, a charter school in Dallas, TX was focused on their teacher satisfaction and turnover rate as well as their ability to attract and retain students in the school.  Unfortunately, the knowledge gap of potentially effective strategies and corrective action was not something they felt they should fill on their own for a number of reasons, including Pinnacle Education’s experience that teachers have a natural tendency to not answer school-administered surveys authentically.

East Grand Preparatory partnered with Pinnacle Education to survey their parents, teachers, and students to get a triangulated view of important concepts such as:

  • The teaching environment for teachers
  • Parent and student views of family engagement at home and at school
  • Parent, teacher, and student views of teacher effectiveness, principal leadership, and school climate

Pinnacle Education helped to fill these knowledge gaps and provided insight and opportunities to improve in all domains.

Pinnacle Education identified opportunities to improve teacher satisfaction and retention and enhanced our ability to foster the parent-school relationship.

Leonard Brannon, Superintendent, Cityscape Schools – East Grand Preparatory

Creating Opportunities for Principals and Campuses to Improve and to Celebrate Successes

Holliday ISD is a great school system that is always looking to improve by listening to its parents, teachers, and students.  Holliday’s Superintendent, Kevin Dyes, is a person that really understand the value of receiving feedback from key stakeholders at the school and in the school’s community, but as a smaller district looking to spend its dollars very wisely, it didn’t make sense to develop a comprehensive survey suite in-house.  As opposed to making a huge investment in the development of their own survey platform, scientifically validated questions, and putting extensive human resources and expertise into survey analysis and report creation, it was enormously more cost-effective to partner with Pinnacle Education to provide these services.  After surveying the parents, teachers, and students of the Holliday ISD community the district was provided with succinct reports that gave principals an opportunity to identify their strengths and celebrate them, and candidly look at their opportunities for improvement to create their Campus Needs Assessments and Campus Improvement Plans.

Pinnacle Education helped our campus principals identify areas to celebrate and target for improvement.

Kevin Dyes, Superintendent, Holliday ISD